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Battlestar Galactica Spoilers

February 17, 2009

I’m caught up with Battlestar Galactica through season 4.0. Who is the 12th Cylon??? I think it’s gonna be an Adama. Either the Admiral or Zach back from the dead.  You figure the finale has to bring and ROLL A HARD SIX and so the last Cylon is gonna have to be mind-blowing, and since Tigh is already revealed, and he’s the number 2 guy, then it’s gotta be bigger!  Starbuck is gonna be the interspecies deity to unite the humans and cylons.  I HOPE her and Apollo get together at last.  And he can’t be fat or have this long hair. Boo.  Poor Cylon Anders.  Pffft.  I thought Season 4.0 was not as good as the earlier ones, it was a little boring with the dumb Baltar cult storyline, which seemed out of character.


Tight tights

February 5, 2009


“Watchmen” Rules!

I will doo plus/delta:



+Juicy – the nitty, gritty side of being a costumed adventurer. Some are racists! Some are depressed! Some are libertarians! Love triangles, threesomes, super heroes with fat guts. All there, all exhilarating. Sidenote: Started watching Battlestar Galactica while reading this and there are a lot of fun parallels but I will not spoil BSG here except to reveal that the 12th cylon is played by BRENT SPINER!!!!!

+The comic within the comic about the pirate is soooooo fun. Unfortunately I just read it will not be in final cut of movie because it makes the running time too long, butt nothing director’s cut cannot remedy. I almost want to just wait for Director’s Cut butt obviously this is a bigscreen-er.

+The storytelling devices used in this are bad ass. Going back and forth in time and place and from one POV to another all seamlessly. You kinda never know where one chapter will lead, but it’s always to somewhere awesome. +BUBASTIS, pet cat-lynx hybrid of Ozymandias

+DARK! R-rated, great villains. Lots of blood and guts and floaty corpses.


-Would have liked more of Moloch, as well as a glimpse into the relationship of the 2 gay Minutemen! I’m assuming they were Mothman and Dollar Bill? Moloch and more of the old-timey villains.

-Would have liked about 5 more pages added showing the new batch of costumed adventurers in their crime-fighting prime. Pre-guts, though the guts were fabulous.

-Anti-climactic death for Rorshach. I coulda gone for something a little more epic. He still could killed right there, maybe I just wanted him to say more of a zinger.

-I’m a little confused as to why guilt works on Dr. Manhattan (cancer implications) at the beginning. It seems a being like him wouldn’t give a crap about what people say. I guess the reason the guilt works is because then there’d be no story if it didn’t.

-Would’ve liked a little more time spent on the island of artists and kidnappees. -Would’ve liked to see Bubastis come back, particles re-arranged, as Doctor Manhattan’s cosmic pet! That’s not a complaint, just wishful thinking. Bubastis reminded me of Bojo!

THE MOVIE!!! I am so pumped for it! I love, love, love Zack Snyder and 300 is in my top movies of all time, not in a cheeky way but in a for real way. (Sequel is listed on IMDB!!!) I think this movie is gonna please. I’m excited about the cast: ‘Little Children’ites Patrick Wilson and Jackie Earl Haley (THAT movie ruled). Billy Crudup’s Doctor Manhattan looks a little goofy in the trailer – a little too genie-from-Aladdin, but we’ll see.

My sister alleges she will be making her, me and my bf costumes to DRESS UP IN to go to the premier at Lloyd Center Mall. I am too lazy to offer to help, butt if it happens I’m gonna be Rorshach, that way I don’t have to make eye contact with anyone while I am dressed in a COSTUME at Regal Cinema 10.