Battlestar Galactica Spoilers

I’m caught up with Battlestar Galactica through season 4.0. Who is the 12th Cylon??? I think it’s gonna be an Adama. Either the Admiral or Zach back from the dead.  You figure the finale has to bring and ROLL A HARD SIX and so the last Cylon is gonna have to be mind-blowing, and since Tigh is already revealed, and he’s the number 2 guy, then it’s gotta be bigger!  Starbuck is gonna be the interspecies deity to unite the humans and cylons.  I HOPE her and Apollo get together at last.  And he can’t be fat or have this long hair. Boo.  Poor Cylon Anders.  Pffft.  I thought Season 4.0 was not as good as the earlier ones, it was a little boring with the dumb Baltar cult storyline, which seemed out of character.


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