Frak Off Sackhoff: Starbuck Spoils the Ending of BSG for 500 people

Katee Sackhoff (STARBUCK!)  came to the Bagdad Theater in Portland, OR last night to do a Q&A Session after the second-to-last BSG ep aired. I am a pretty big BSG fan and I am super pissed I went. Here’s why.

Non-Spoiler Section:

Things got off to an irritating start when it was announced that KS is friends with Portlander Stefanie Stricklen – a local news reporter who I’ve despised ever since watching her airhead Olympic coverage.  A party-girl type who doesn’t appear to know anything about sports.  She’s the only news reporter who I actually have an opinion of, so this was a bummer.

KS announced several times that she had several glasses of wine before going onstage.  At first mention, I figured it was because she was nervous.  But as the night went on I realized it was because she doesn’t have much respect for the fans or being put together for them.

She had no idea what episode we had just watched.  No idea it was second-to-last EVER.  She often mused before answering a question, “Wait, has this [scene] aired yet?” (something to that nature).

And yes, this lead to a massive, MASSIVE spoiler. I will explain later in the Spoiler Section.  

Katee Sackhoff was nice enough throughout and I’m sure most diehard fans that were there would still lick her pap smear swab. I was put off.  This was an early bad sign: One of the first questions was if it was true that KS had attended high school nearby. She said she went to Sunset High, which got applause, and so I think it is nearby.  I’ve only been in Oregon for a  few years so Pfft if I know.  SO then the annoying radio DJ host of the night says: “Real quick, show of hands, did anyone here GO to high school with Katee?”  No one.  So KS goes on to explain how she was a terror in high school that “made everyone’s life a living hell.”  One of those girls. She said that she was “very immature” back then and that “some people probably thought I was a real C-U-Next-Tuesday.”  A successful meanie. Pfft.

Another question asked how much influence KS had on the character of Starbuck.  KS said that she got to know the character and her motivations so well that she would often times be able to convince the directors to leave her out of a scene (so she could leave the set early and catch the last flight to L.A. to see her boyfriend for the weekend.) She said that.  Along with, “Yeah, I don’t like to work a lot.”  While this totally BAD ASS show was filming, this girl wanted to leave the set.

The icing on the doodoo cake was towards the end when a girl asked Starbuck about the queer influence on the show and to talk a little about the gay story lines.  KS looked a little blank then said, “Well we knew Gaeda was gay. We figured that one out.” (Something like that) But then stopped there.  Then rambled and didn’t really answer the question.  Then the DJs mentioned Admiral Kane and KS goes (paraphrase) “Oh yeah! I totally forgot! Since I wasn’t really in ‘Razor’ I don’t really remember what happened.”  UNNNGHGHGHG. There’s more. So then KS rambles more about how it is a little weird that Gaeda didn’t have a relationship on the show. So the DJ goes, well what about Hoshi?  KS looks blank.  The DJ goes, “Do you remember who Hoshi is?” and KS goes something like, “I remember his name but…” So the DJ reminds her of the Hoshi-Gaeda storyline from the webisodes.  KS is shocked and says, “ARE YOU SERIOUS?……I didn’t know that!  I never saw the webisodes!…. Way to go Gaeda!”  The crowd laughs with her, but I am sure that there were plenty in that 500 person crowd that were shitting charcoal brickettes right along with me.  Yep, still a cunt.

Precursor to Spoiler Section (Where I will explain what storyline was spoiled without actually revealing the spoil):

Ready your hankies, LADIES!  A female fan asked about the Starbuck, Apollo, Anders situation.  MFing KS OUT-OF-NOWHERE explains how it ends!  Breach of Contract! I am so pissed. I want RDMoore and the whole Sci-Fi Channel to know that Katee Sackhoff RUINED the final episode for me. The story line I was most excited to see revealed! Not to mention the greater implications that this story line has in the big picture of BSG lore.  Remember the hybrid ramblings in ‘Razor’?  GODS DAMN HER!

SPOILER SECTION: This WILL ruin the end (or at least part) of BSG for you so enter at your own risk:

In KS’s explanation of Anders and Apollo she mentioned how Michael Trucco (Anders) was in a life-threatening injury while shooting.  (Many already knew this from Wikipedia).  So then she goes on to explain how she had always been very close friends with him and that his injuries made her realize how much he meant to her (the actors, not characters).  (They didn’t know if he would walk again, which is why he’s in the hybrid bathtub on the show, she said).  Sooooo yada yada snooze about her great friendship with Michael Trucco and “So that’s why we end up together on the show.”

Fuck, not frak, you Katee Sackhoff.  Fuck you.  You are a ruiner and you have no respect for the art project you just spent a big chunk of your life making.  She may have said something about her and Apollo still having a kiss or something but fuck that.  She doesn’t even know what episodes have aired.  I HOPE SHE WAS LYING via her complete cluelessness as to what is going on. Maybe the wine confused her. Let’s hope.

Let’s examine the doodoo tarnish this puts on the final episode with the possible implications of her loose lips!:

-No epic Starbuck and Apollo reunion.  This ruins my theory that they were the human-cylon pair of lovers to unite the 2 species. I thought they were gonna fulfill the hybrid predictions. The final ep better put some of the hybrid predictions back in play or else it’s gonna seem messy/unplanned.  

-Anders will probably survive, as will Starbuck

-Remember the boxing match episode? Remember the episode when Starbuck comes back from the dead and her viper appears next to Apollo?  Remember every single interaction between Starbuck and Apollo? Well, it was all a trick.  That story line has been dropped, apparently.  I was never a sci-fi fan. Starbuck and Apollo are a big part of why I liked BSG. Without at least the hope of them ending up together, this final ep. is gonna be a real downer to watch.  I am so sad.

God, I am pissed I went to that Q&A.  I will leave you with one more annoying tidbit from the evening.  KS continually referred to Edward James Olmos as EDDIE.  “Eddie this, Eddie that.”  Just like when people call DeNiro “Bob” or Scorcese “Marty.”  We get it – you’re an insider. For the first few minutes I had no idea who Eddie was.  She is a turd.  Kate is a huge frakking turd.

UPDATE: Here’s the link to my BSG Finale Recap which contains a link to the above Q+A.


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37 Responses to “Frak Off Sackhoff: Starbuck Spoils the Ending of BSG for 500 people”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    Just a quick thing that may be important. When Katee said that they filmed those scenes of Michael Trucco in tub because they didn’t know if he’d walk again and then needed to finish the series?

    Michael’s accident was in late 2007 after the first half of season 4 was filmed (through the “Sometimes a Great Notion” epi) in February 2008 he was walking the picket line in support of the WGA strikers.

    BSG started filmed the second half of season 4 in March … which include the “tub scenes” after the mutiny epis.

    He clearly was not in that tub because “they didn’t know if he’d walk again and they needed to finish the series.”

    Take all with a grain of salt… (and remember her comments & inty’s around “Maelstrom”)

  2. wasakateefan Says:

    Katee is all about herself. She could care less that her inability to seperate her real life feelings and that of a characters on screen impacts other actors on the show. She could care less about the fans. Obviously based on her own words she has always been about herself and how she treats people is unimportant as long as she gets what she wants. I have very little respect for RDM and crew too for allowing a spoiled, over- rated actress change the outcome of the show.

    I loved and adored her. No more. At least she is showing us her true colors. I will NEVER watch anothe project she is in. She sucked in Nip/Tuck anyway.

  3. Shayna Says:

    I suppose you want any actual facts to go with that, do you?

    The webisodes were shot after production wrapped and G-A-E-T-A was originally to be involved with a different character.

    If you have ever seen an interview with anyone related at all to the show, EVERYONE calls Mr Olmos “Eddie”.

    As a fellow “fan” pointed out, Katee did misspeak relating to the timeline of Michael’s accident.

    Given Kara’s not a Cylon I think it is safe to say the Hybrid’s prophecy you are speaking of was not about her. But hey, don’t let me interrupt the ever fun Katee bashing.

  4. Jo Says:

    OK, I love the Kara/Lee pairing as much as the next diehard shipper, and I was certainly very upset when I heard Katee said that the two won’t be dying tragically together, but….you’re going way too far here.

    This may be my Sackhoff love talking but the fact of the matter is that it’s just a TV show. Lighten up just a tad, eh?

  5. kayarrhea Says:

    Shayna, we all know you’re Katee Sackhoff. Nice try “Shayna.” You gave me enough “actual facts” out of your own piehole on Friday night during your Q&A. Thanks for ruining BSG, “Shayna”!

    I have never watched another interview with anyone on BSG because I don’t want anything to be spoiled. Why did you read my spoily blog? I wouldn’t have.

    How do you know Starbuck isn’t a cylon? Cuz you’re her? Cuz of what Baltar said? Well, who is he to tell the truth. I think you, er, Starbuck, is either Daniel or some sort of human-cylon halfbreed. I still think that. So PFFFT on you.

    You’re not interrupting my Katee bashing, missy, don’t worry. Though you are interrupting my dump. Pffft. Leave me alone, Katee, ruiners aren’t welcome here. Go back to drinking wine and not watching episodes of your own show.

    JO! I’d lighten up if this tattoo of Apollo and Starbuck riding a dolphin on back were NOT REAL but IT IS so please, a little sympathy. And to make matters worse, it’s fat Apollo.

  6. Cheryl Detrick Says:

    Shayna, I’m going to go with the common interpretation and surmise that your “fan” was a diss.

    In fact, I am a fan of Katee’s. I’ve seen White Noise 2, the Last Sentinel, I Married My High School Sweetheart, Bionic Woman, Nip/Tuck AND her episode of L&O. I wish her NOTHING but the best of luck. That and a new press agent.

    Misspoke? Michael Trucco was NOT paralyzed in April/May of last year. That isn’t misspeaking, that is … something else. I was simply pointing out that Katee is an actor. A damn good one. She fooled her family and the entire BSG cast (nearly into mutiny). Katee knows that Michael wasn’t paralyzed then, so “misspeaking” was clearly NOT what was going on there.

  7. Kate Ebneter Says:

    ROFL. As someone who knows both Katee (a little bit) and Shayna, I can assure you that they are not the same person. But, hey, as Shayna said, let’s not let facts get in the way of a good bashing.

    Kate Ebneter

  8. Molly Says:

    This ruins my theory that they were the human-cylon pair of lovers to unite the 2 species.

    I believe that the characters of Helo and Athena were always intended to be this pairing.

    Also, Edward James Olmos is commonly called “Eddie” by everyone; when I met him, he asked me to call him that.

    Many of the BSG actors don’t know what’s been aired; Aaron Douglas had a similar problem in an interview.

    The icing on the doodoo cake was towards the end when a girl asked Starbuck about the queer influence on the show and to talk a little about the gay story lines.
    Actually, she asked Katee Sackhoff, the actress.

    Personally? I don’t much care about Katee Sackhoff OR Starbuck, and never have. I care about BSG as a whole. I’m a fan of the show, but I am a fan who NEVER forgets that the actors are just that……actors. In other words, people like you and me, who just happen to play characters on TV. We forget sometimes that we don’t know them personally, because we feel like we do, since we’ve known them so long, and followed them so closely. Personally, if I’d had some creepy fan INSTALL CAMERAS IN MY HOUSE like Katee Sackhoff did, I’d avoid fans entirely.

    I’m sorry you feel she let you down personally. I am sorrier still you feel the need to be this ugly, and this angry about it. Would you call her any of the things you said about her to her face?

    Doesn’t speak well of you if you answer anything other than, “I’m sorry. That was uncalled for. I apologize.” does it?

  9. scifiaddict Says:

    You really think your the center of the universe don’t you? First of all only a small percentage of the audience gives a crap who Starbuck is fucking so its not like Katee was “ruiner” for that many people . Second of all many people don’t want Kara to end up with Lee myself included so stop being a spoiled brat and realize that just because you don’t get your way it isn’t the end of the world. Third of all if you were as much a Katee fan as claimed you would know Katee doesn’t read anything to do with BSG and wouldn’t be posting on your website. The only reason Katee was doing the interview was because she cares about the fans although with the way the K/L fans have been talking about her this week I wouldn’t blame her if she actually didn’t give a crap about any of you. The way I see it your a hell of a lot more selfish than Katee. Grow up, get a life and quit posting your personal hissy fits on the internet.

  10. kayarrhea Says:

    Katee, I cannot get over the lengths you are going to to post on my blog. First “Shayna,” then “Kate Ebneter” (that first name needs work!), then “Molly.” The gig’s up! Stop making your aliases make excuses for why you are a spoiler. You ruined the ending for me and you can’t go back in time. You’re going to have to do better than that to be back in my good graces.

    I wish Geordi would have sent Starbuck out the airlock when he had the chance in the nebula. Or I wish Stringer Bell-Tron would’ve wasted her in the 8th Centurian war on Geminon. (Deleted scene from Season 2) Bet RDMoore regrets that now. Now that Katee’s a spoiler.

    Molly, when I met Edward James Olmos he asked me to call him Daddy-O, NOT Eddie. He asks that most people call him Daddy-O. There is an entire forum dedicated to this fact on the BSG Fan Boards. Might want to check your facts.

    If most of the BSG actors don’t know what has aired yet then they’re a pretty dull bunch. I wonder who the dullest is. Maybe Billy. Starbuck’s mom seemed dull, too. Same with Hera. Who is less smart: Hera or Nicky?

    Molly, thank you for your sympathies. I will keep them close as I continue to be ugly and angry. It does help knowing I have your shoulder to cry on. Thanks. 🙂

    I couldn’t read the last part of what you wrote because for some reason my html translated it into webdings. I assume it’s kudos on my blog. So to that I say, “Thanks, Katee/Molly!”

    scifiaddict, I am the center of the universe and this blog is my butthole. Welcome.

  11. Zog Says:


    Your reaction mirrors that of a lot of people to hearing Ms Sackhoff’s spoiler – Cheryl has pointed out that it may be a case of intentional foilers being issued, but if that’s not the case then her behavior seems sadly lacking.

    Unfortunately, I have to tell you that Shayna, Kate Ebneter and scifiaddict are not Katee, although they might well like to imagine they are. Kate Ebneter runs a Katee fansite, and her favorite hobby involves acting as net police, attempting to punish people who do not fall into line with the Kult of Katee. She minors in moralizing and writing bad real person fic starring Katee.

    Shayna is on a one-person crusade to become the next Big Name Fan for Battlestar Galactica; she doesn’t actually contribute anything useful, but runs a good line in spreading gossip and trying to create the equivalent of a high-school clique, bullying people she doesn’t like by using a livejournal account to gather the masses and preach to them. You may have seen her on stage at Dragon*Con, attempting to lecture on a subject she knows nothing about while complaining that people weren’t being respectful enough as she spread her wisdom among them.

    Scifiaddict is an idiot. Her favorite hobby is slating people on the sci-fi forums in a barely literate fashion, being unpleasant to anyone who doesn’t think that Anders is a gift from the gods or who appears to be smarter than her – which is pretty much everyone, really.

    Online surveys have shown that more than two-thirds of the BSG audience polled expect to see some sort of resolution for Kara and Lee; to give away the finale of such a substantial plotline is unprofessional, and reflects poorly on Ms. Sackhoff.

  12. KatD Says:

    Okay so the O&A, maybe Katee gave away a few spoilers, maybe your p*ssed with her because of that, maybe because she is freinds with Stefanie Stricklen or that she had one or two glasses of wine (what I hear she can take her wine, go girl!).

    But now you are flinging sh*t at Shayna/Kate E (oh pls)/Molly, actually I guess that’s still flinging sh*t at Katee. But I don’t care if Katee herself is coming here (errrr) defending herself, I hope she’s drinking wine on a patio in LA (go girl) to actually care what anyone thinks!

    But what gets me is, why would the actors know which episode were airing? They were filmed months ago and errrr I’m thinking the actors have other work going on and not sitting around watching their past projects. Also, many actors do not know other characters storylines.

    And one last thing errrrr Daddy-O?? Me thinkin he was taking the p*ss, seriously, Eddie, Ed, Mr Olmos even EJO, but I sure as hell am not calling him ‘Daddy-O’.

  13. Mandy Says:

    So the complaint about Ms. Sackhoff comes mainly from pissed off Apollo/Starbuck shippers that fear that their favorite ending might not come true?

    Personally, I don’t like Sackhoff’s acting style or personality and I’m sorry for those, who didn’t want to get spoiled. However, most people whining about the spoiler are spoiler addicts, that would love to see that creepy and disgusting “if I can’t have one brother, I’ll have the other” relationship fulfilled. Well, BOOHOO!!! The story doesn’t belong to the majority, it belongs to Ron D. Moore. Katee might have had some influence on the story, and she’s more entitled to it than any rabid fan. She wouldn’t be the only one to change some aspects of a character.

    It’s very telling that no other group on the BSG fandom has reacted this viciously against this actress, only the Apollo/Starbuck shippers, the most vile and psychotic “fans”, I’ve had the disgrace to encounter.

    As for kayarrhea, please, spell the names of the characters correctly and don’t tell people, how they have to call their friends. It’s Mr. Olmos for you, Eddie for Katee.

  14. April Says:

    Kayarrhea, I support you and your right to bash KS as much as you want on your own blog. From what I’ve seen and heard, she was completely disrespectful to her fans that night. She obviously does not understand that fans of the show expect the actors to actually CARE about the story enough to actually pay attention to the final product.

    What KS did was exactly what William Shatner did on Saturday Night Live, when he chastised a bunch of “fans” by saying to them, “Get a life!” He, the actor, had forgotten what his character (Captain Kirk, for those of you who don’t know) meant to every Star Trek fan on earth. Even though it was a humorous skit, Shatner faced a lot of angry fans at conventions after that aired, and he eventually wrote a book explaining how he finally figured out the true meaning of fandom. Katee should learn from Mr. Shatner, because she really did mistreat her fans that night, in many ways.

    In response to “Mandy,” I’ve met many of the Apollo/Starbuck shippers, as well as the Starbuck/Anders ones, and I have to say that the former are MUCH more friendly.

    Regardless of “shipping,” the show has always focused on Apollo and Starbuck, just like the original series did, and Katee’s comments made it sound like she selfishly tried to ruin the Apollo and Starbuck story. Who cares if the two end up romantically involved? The whole story of BSG, from its very beginning, focused on Starbuck and Apollo, and that story needed to be brought full circle for the finale to have any sort of closure for the majority of the fans.

    Several of the comments on here really make me laugh. Have a good day, Kayarrhea! 🙂

  15. Kate Ebneter Says:

    “Kate Ebneter runs a Katee fansite, and her favorite hobby involves acting as net police, attempting to punish people who do not fall into line with the Kult of Katee. She minors in moralizing and writing bad real person fic starring Katee.”

    Hmm, I’ve only written one story, which was definitely crack!fic. And which, by the way, I would not be the least bit ashamed to show to Katee or anyone else for that matter.

    I don’t care if people don’t like Katee. I just care about people lying about things she said.

  16. Zoloft Says:

    “I don’t care if people don’t like Katee. I just care about people lying about things she said.”

    I am curious, what exactly in the origanal post was a lie about what Katee said?

  17. Molly Says:

    Here, let me repost that last bit you had the trouble with.

    I’m sorry you feel she let you down personally. I am sorrier still you feel the need to be this ugly, and this angry about it. Would you call her any of the things you said about her to her face?

    Doesn’t speak well of you if you answer anything other than, “I’m sorry. That was uncalled for. I apologize.” does it?

    Zog, since you haven’t insulted me mortally yet, does this mean I am actually Katee? How exciting.

  18. Zog Says:

    Ebneter, your fic is as classy as you are. I’m delighted to hear you’d be proud to show it to Ms. Sackhoff; what actress wouldn’t be over the moon to read fic based on the idea of her finding her entire family dead, another actor finding their entire family murdered as well, and the two of them traveling to a motel to have sympathy sex with each other? In fact, I think it would be great if you showed how proud you are by sending a copy to Ms Sackhoff for her to read. Don’t forget to include your email address, so she knows who to give credit to.

    Molly, I have no idea if you are Ms. Sackhoff or not. I disagree with your argument that Kayarrhea isn’t allowed to express his or her own opinion in her own blog over something that has clearly upset her, but you were polite in your comments. You didn’t attempt to bully her, and I have no evidence of you being a hyprocrite unlike at least two of the people I chose to insult. You don’t appear to be ravingly psychotic like at least one commentator in this blog, so why should I feel the need to insult you?

  19. Steff Says:

    Er just out of interest. Frakface, that would be kayarrhea at the top of the page. Have to ever thought (thats is you are capable of thinking) that Katee was talking about the overall season and not just the very end. She been by Anders’s side since he got shot. So going from her point of view she has ended up with him.

    Also while you were at the Q&A, when Katee SPOILER the ending for YOU.
    Did you stand up tell her what you thought of her. Or did you come home crying and write this shit. I’m guessing the latter, as you seem to be a chicken s**t idiot.

    I don’t care what you think about Battlestar and you have a right on your views, but if you are gonna say bad thing about a woman make sure you show some kind of respect while doing it.

    Can’t wait to see how Battlestar ends 🙂

  20. Ms. Misery-Gutts Says:

    This has been epically entertaining. It must be said- adopt this as your mantra- she doesn’t know you. She will never know you. She does not care if you defend her. It will not endear you to her. It will not endear you to your imaginary vision of her, the one where you meet cute and hang out after the con. No wonder Ms. Sackhoff has little desire to interact with her “fans”.

    Zog, you have many admirers. If you’ve got the envelope, I’ve got the stamp.

  21. Shayna (greycoupon) Says:

    Oh Zog, I had no idea I was a BNF. THANK YOU! It is good to know these things. Now where is my frakking tiara?

    Now am I bully or psychotic? Or BOTH?? That would be super cool. It’s always nice to have a fan.

    You know what they say about a few bad apples? 99% of all Kara/Lee shippers are awesome and nice people. It is a shame we don’t have a fair representation here. *hugs Jo*

    As I am so busy trying to be mythical BNF and beating the man…er the fans down 24/7, I missed this 70% shipper poll. Could someone share the link? I have small children to terrorize and lives to ruin you know!

  22. kayarrhea Says:

    To CLARIFY…(for KatD and others who wipe back to front)

    The Q&A with Katee Sackhoff happened DIRECTLY AFTER the crowd watched Daybreak Pt. 1 That’s why everyone was there at the theater – these screenings have been going on for at least all of season 4.5 The Q&A was just an added bonus. THAT is why I expect the doodoo face to know what episode just aired. I know that’s asking a whole lot.

    In addition, another tidbit I left out of my original post was what a turd KS was toward the character of Kat. KS said that she hated the entire Kat story line and that she was “Glad when she died.” She went on to wish that actress “good luck” in a snarky way and said, condescendingly, “She IS in Dr. Doolittle 3.”

    Steff, had I stood up and told Katee what I thought about her spoiling the end, then it would’ve been rude to all of the people waiting patiently in line to ask her a question, no? Are you a woman? If so, I mean this in a respectful way: Let’s set up a date in Portland, Oregon where you can call me chickenshit to my face (in a respectful way). I know this will require a lot of planning as you’ll have to have the roof taken off your house to be airlifted off of your couch. But once you have the proper clearances through your home county, name the date, name the place. I’ll be the one with the tattoo of Starbuck and fat Apollo riding a dolphin on my back.

    Molly, it’s the weirdest thing, your posts keep showing up in exotic fonts. Your last post was translated into iphallic. I don’t know what’s wrong with my computer.

    Word up to April and Zog! The full circle Apollo-Starbuck story. Please! Let’s hope KS was intentionally foiling us! I won’t begin tattoo removal yet, just in case…

    Mandy, I DID call him Mr. Olmos but then he corrected me and told me his nickname was Sharkfin Suzie. I am so confused as to what I am actually supposed to call him. My myspace mood was “FRUSTRATED” that day. I hate mixed signals!!!

    Kate! Please post your fan fiction here! I hope it’s about Starbuck and Colonel Tigh having a menage with Starbuck’s mom. FINGERS CROSSED!!!

  23. Caralho Voador Says:

    Hey Kayarrhea i love your blog and you make a couple of good points.

    Keep going!

  24. Bored Already Says:

    Just so you’re aware, Kayarrhea, Shayna and her charming pals are ragging you on on Shayna’s livejournal… which kind of puts some credence to the idea expressed above that they are fairly obsessed and engaging in harassing behavior when they see any discussions about Katee they feel aren’t gushing enough.

    Me? I’m fairly certain at least one of her spoilers isn’t true. I’ll be curious to see it play out.

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    […] This is such a disappointment! Obama is a BONEHEAD!   Last time I felt like this was this one time when KATEE SACKHOFF spoiled the ending of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA!: Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)No TitleBaseball, Beer and BootiesPoop, vomit, and […]

  26. ciara Says:

    I seriously don’t get you guys, it’s her blog, her opinion, she didn’t go to Katee fan sites and ragged on her, she can voice her opinion in her blog.
    She attended the event and got her own impressions from it, why is it that Katee fans get so aggressive if someone says something negative about her, you don’t have to read it, just stay out of her blog if it annoys you so much. It’s just looking for drama!
    I get that there are Katee fans who will love her no matter what, but you have to understand that not everyone will share that sentiment, and people have a right to get pissed at her and decide they’re no longer fans, and they’re not automatically stupid. I seriously don’t see the problem here, I’m not a huge Katee fan, her personality (from what I get from con reports and interviews doesn’t appeal to me) she’s not a bad actress though, so sue me!

  27. kayarrhea Says:

    Zog, I did in fact see SHAYNA at DragonCon. She was prettier than I had imagined. I actually saw her again after she went on stage. I was waiting in line for the bathroom and she was just coming out of a stall. She left without washing her hands.

    So I figured there was a sink in her stall. I checked. There wasn’t. Yikes. So maybe she carries a hand sanitizer in her pocket? Hope so!

  28. Fiona Says:

    Wow. Are you a young teenager or just rather immature?

    Thanks for the report, although a touch less hysteria would have made it a much better read.

    I haven’t read more than a smattering of the comments, but do you really think that Katee Sackhoff has nothing better to do with her time than troll wordpress? If she really is as douchebagy as you say, I would imagine that she couldn’t care less what some random says on their blog.

  29. Baron Von Trousers Says:

    BWAHAHAHAH. KS revealed nothing dumba**

  30. Galener Says:

    Kayarrhea is an irrational idiot, KS didn’t spoiled the finale you bitch!


    So say we all!

  31. kayarrhea Says:

    Yep. She spoiled nothing. She alluded to how she and Apollo wouldn’t end up together, but since they DID end up together, nothing, absolutely nothing was spoiled! Woohooooo! I am so relieved. All that disappointment from being told by Katee Sackhoff that her and Apollo didn’t end up together. All for nothing! What a clever red herring she dropped!

    Little did we all know, Starbuck would turn into an angelic anal bead and live in the rectal cavity of Lee ‘Janjaweed’ Adama for the rest of his bushmeats-eating life. Lee will grow old in his 120-degree hut made of corn husks, and every night, sift through his sweaty Ras Trent butt pubes to give Starbuck a kiss good night. Happily ever after. So say we all! Pffft.

  32. No one, really Says:

    kayarrhea, if Katee (or all her other aliasses on this blog which you believe in) didn’t say it, I do: Get a life!

    You made a fuzz about the supposed spoiler AND her being the biggest living a**hole on this planet for what? For frakking NOTHING!!!

    You are ridiculous! And your blog entry is too. Very childish and bumptious, but I guess, you supposedly get a kick out of that “thrill”. That’s so typical for ppl like you. Having a blog to write egocentric nothings in a shitty style about things you don’t understand nothing about or not being involved in the slightest way, but having an opinion on everyone and everything. Oh so terrific!

    I personally hope I am wrong, but I do think that you haven’t accomplished anything valueble in your life so far, cause otherwise you would stop bickering about the randomliest things there are such as a TV show. It was entertainment and it was good entertainment. If it starts to piss you off, walk away from it. If this is the only problem you have in your little world, then I am very sorry for you.

    But I’ll give you that… you made me reply even though I am just ranting… still you made me reply… that’s the temptation I should have walked away from, but sometimes it just feels good to tell ppl like you to eventually… well… GET A LIFE!!!


    PS: Typoes you find, you can liberally keep. And now, bash away, my friend. I couldn’t care less about YOUR opinion! 😀

  33. kayarrhea Says:


    If I have no life, and you just spent 10 minutes reading and responding to my meaningless non-life’s internet counterpart, then I would wager to say that my meaningless non-life is still greater than your semblance of a life, vis a vis, I score 1 point, and since we were only playing to 1, I win! Your consolation prize is one of my band-aids, what is your address?

    I have accomplished myriad things of great value in my life:
    Beat Super Mario 1
    Ability to cook noodles al dente
    Graduated high school
    Can sign my name in sign language
    Got an oil change
    Jaws on the piano
    Wipe front to back
    Can walk one mile without stopping
    Can curl my tongue and blink at same time
    Can tread water for at least two minutes
    Can do 30 jumping jacks, 2 minute break, do 30 more
    Pythagorean Theorem
    Can recite 4 digits of pi
    Able to tie the laces for every pair of shoes
    U.S. Citizenship
    20/20 vision
    Shoe size 8.5
    Ice cubes
    15 w.p.m.
    “Catcher in the Rye”
    spf 15
    remember b-days of immediate family
    blood pressure: 210/80
    crack eggs
    shuck corn
    walk dogs
    ride in planes for several hours

    I could go on forever. I am one of the most accomplished people I know. And now you know me, so I’m probably one of the most accomplished people you know. Do you know anyone else?

    Did it feel as good as you hoped when you told me to get a life? I’m not going to lie, it really pissed me off. Like, really, really, really upset me. But my huge group of friends are really supportive and with them at my side I could get through anything. We just keep telling myself not to get so angry about things, because, at the end of the day, Katee Sackhoff is reading my blog, ya know? And even though she spoiled the ending for me, I still think it’s a huge honor. Not gonna lie. One more thing for my list of accomplishments/ page 4 of the resume.


  34. EEK Says:

    If this has taught us anything it’s that we should only attend Q&As with Richard Hatch (aka Tom Zerek aka O.G. Apollo). He is the real super fan. He has his own BSG Fan Fiction to prove it. He won’t disappoint us.

    Speaking of, I think you should definitely write your own Fan Fic of a more satisfying BSG ending. Will you give Baltar his balls back?

  35. kayarrhea Says:

    My fan fiction is going to be about Starbuck the horny pigeon realizing her mistake of leaving and returning to try to get Apollo to give her a cloacal kiss. Apollo will abide and they’ll have bird-pollo babies. Little beaked Starbucks with Lee’s hair and fat gut.

    Richard Hatch sounds cool. Wonder what he thought of the ending.

  36. antred Says:

    I’ve seen the video you guys are talking about and I couldn’t find any disrespect in it. Me thinks some of the people here are taking all this way too seriously. Still a fan of Katee here.

  37. Annie Says:

    Wow. You’re an idiot. And here as a newbie, I thought the BSG fandom was sane. But apparently, Kara/Lee shippers are psycho. If it causes you angst and pain, I take glee in the fact that they didn’t end up together.

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