Obama Hatin’ on Special Olympians

So, Obama can’t even spare Special Olympians. Someone needs to take him out into an alley and strike some sense into him with a pin. Or drill three holes into his balls. Something.

Dumb Ditty Dumb Ditty Dumb Dumb Dumb: President Bonehead, Redux

Oh my goodness. My stomach just sunk.  The Prez almost got through his interview with Jay Leno without a hitch and then he goes and makes a “Special Olympics” comment in regard to his BOWLING GAME?  PFFFFTTTT!

 Tomorrow morning I anticipate droves of Special Olympians who bowl a better game than Obama coming forward. I anticipate a “There Will Be Blood”-style showdown with a mustachioed, ass-kicking participant from the Special Olympics treating Obama like the scaredy cat little preacher boy.  Ain’t no Secret Service gonna be able to protect Obama’s milkshake, IT IS ON.

Even though I did not vote for Obama (Chigurh ’08!) I doo love the idea of having a President whose theme song is not:

“I’m a big kid, look what I can do.  I can wear big kid pants, too! And I can pull them off and on! Mommy, WOW! I’m a big kid now!”

Please tell me this didn’t just happen.  I wonder how long Rush Limbaugh will shake his tits at this.  Probably until they sag low enough to touch his  wiener. Until Rush titty-effs himself.

But people should shake their titties at this. This is such a disappointment! Obama is an ASS!  
Last time I felt like this was this one time
when KATEE SACKHOFF spoiled the ending of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA!:


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