I Do Want Yes Scrubs

First Scrub Jay sighting of the year! On March 31. On my way to the park.

Cutler, Leno, Scrubs!

Cutler, Leno, Scrubs!

I never realized they had left until I saw this one. Soooo I am guessing that they migrated somewhere for the winter. These birds are really cool. They hop along the fence and watch me and the cats work in the garden. They are also very smart. National Geographic said that they will bury food while another scrub jay is watching and then when the peeping scrub goes away, they’ll unbury their food and move it to a more private locale!

This photo is by LARRY DITTO in case you can’t read the photo and see that his signature is in line to get splattered by scrub jay doodoo. Someone has a low self-esteem.


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