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Nuts for $10,000

January 29, 2009

      If you were watching “Jeopardy” tonight then you saw something straight-up crazy! Towards the end of the game, this guy – who had spent time working as a telemarketer- had like 20 thousand something bucks and his closest opponent had under 10 thousand.  The telemarketer gets the last clue which is a Daily Double and all he had to do was risk like a hundred bucks.  He already had the game locked up. Alex goes, “You know, if you make it a true Daily Double you’ll have a whopping sum of money” or something along those lines. So then Telemarketer gives a little laugh, in what appears to be a kind, humoring gesture towards Trebek, like Shah right, dude.  But what does he do? Telemarketer goes, “Hehe.  I’ll wager TEN THOUSAND.”  

HUH? I have NEVER seen anyone do this before! He’s crazy!  He’s gonna mess his pants, he’s gonna weep, maybe even gun-in-the-mouth despair when he realizes his mistake, right? No! He gets it RIGHT! Shoots up to 30something thousand bucks.  Shut my mouth.

At this point, I am exhilarated.  A crazy (unintentional) badass is among us!   I honestly don’t think he realized his wagering mistake!  BUTT it doesn’t end there!

So going into Final Jeopardy, the game is over, right? WRONG! Although Telemarketer has WAY more than half of his opponents’ scores, he wagers like $16,000! AND HE GETS IT RIGHT!!!!!!

He’s crazier than I thought!  While his opponents both got it wrong, IF the one guy had gotten it right AND Telemarketer had gotten it wrong, then TM woulda lost.  I have never seen anything like this in “Jeopardy”!

Telemarketer is either really, really, really bad at math and logic or is the ultimate Jeopardy Rogue.  Either way, it’ll be great TV tomorrow night!  Go Telemarketer!

P.S. The contestant stories on “Jeopardy” are usually horrible but the guy that lost tonight?  Best story ever: He was with his family fishing 3 miles off the coast of FL in shark-infested waters.  They found a man floating in the water, just clinging to life.. They brought him aboard, called Coastguard, and revived him.  Turns out, the guy was a wanted criminal with a huge rap sheet that included attempted murder.  This episode was DVD-worthy!