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Top 5 Movies of 2008

March 18, 2009

It’s mid-March, so here are my Top 5 Movies of 2008 (in no order):

In Bruges

The Fall

Let the Right One In

The Dark Knight

Role Models

Honorable Mention: Vicky Christina Barcelona, Doubt, Man on Wire

Benjamin Button was awesome to look at but I can’t doo Brad Pitt in a kinda-cajun accent for 3 hours.

Biggest Disappointment: Burn After Reading. Woulda walked out had I not been with relatives.  That was a stinkfest. And the follow up to NO COUNTRY? I think Coens should stop dooing comedy and kick to bloody ass-kickers.

Oh yeah, I saw “I’m Not There” in 2008 and woulda walked out but was pinned near wall at very end of the aisle and didn’t want to disturb everyone.  So I let myself be disturbed for 5 hours.  I liked Far From Heaven but I am taking a giant leap off of the Todd Haynes boat.  YoBoy!  Cate Blanchett’s Bob Dylan? Ha! Ha! AAAAHAAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Hey man, define define man. I mean, am I taking a shit, man? Or is the shit taking me, man?