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Boner Appetit: Frozen Yogurt, Tart and Pomegranate

March 27, 2009

Got frozen yogurt from here today for the first time. Heavenly.

I had a Tart and Pomegranate/Acai swirl. The flavors change next week so it looks like I’m gonna have to go back tomorrow and get a quart of that stuff for just $4. I can’t stop thinking about it. Hurry up and set, sun.

“Over TEN MILLION active probiotic cultures per gram”

I could just feel my colon being scrubbed clean. I think you could eat off of it. I seriously doo think some of these probiotics are mood elevators. I have been super pumped ever since eating it. I kinda wish I woulda taken a picture of that dadburned yogurt! Tomorrow. Now, should the picture be of the entrance or the exit?